FlexColo 724 Top Tier Data Centers

Your data is securely hosted at geographically disperse top tier data facilities. With
safe guards to protect data from fire, flood and intrusion. Stringent safeguards are something that many facilities typically don’t provide or offer.  Let Digital 724 host your servers and secure your data for peace of mind and protection.

World Class Facilities

  • Monitoring: 7x24x365 with Network Operations Center facilities
  • Infrastructure: Redundant A/C systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Back Up Power and Scalability
  • Network Connectivity: Digital 724 connects with the nations leading network providers utilizing redundant, diverse and secure network
  • Data Storage Backup: Daily offsite backup to geographically dispersed data facilities
  • Waterless fire suppression system: System can reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less
  • Fine Vein and/or Retina Readers: Vein and retina patterns are very virtually impossible to replicate, making
    forgery almost impossible and ensuring top tier security.
  • Restricted Access: Hardened top tier data facilities, only authorized personnel with Digital 724 top clearance class have access.
  • It’s time to stop risking your data in exposed onsite servers, secure your data and use the  cloud with FlexColo 724!