Digital 724 Networks Launches FlexNet 724™

Austin, Texas, June 9, 2014 – Digital724 Networks, LLC, announced today that it has launched its new FlexNet 724 bandwidth product; this product offers multiple tiers of bandwidth capacity US. The product scope provides a range of network for various users from the smaller local connectivity used by smaller organizations to core fiber backbone customers have a wide range of choice. Digital724 Networks is a regional carrier providing broadband network, high speed internet, fiber connectivity, metro, and regional Ethernet bandwidth services, cloud hosted products, business class phone services, data center facilities and IT support services in select markets in the US, including Austin, its corporate headquarters.

“This is an important development in the growth of company services; the addition of this product will open the doors to a bigger marketplace.” said Steve Braasch, Managing Director of Digital724 Networks, LLC. “This network addition means expanded products and services for our customers.” added Braasch.

Digital724 Networks is expanding its product and service offering exclusively for business customers and organizations based on providing the highest quality data network, digital phone, cloud, and IT services. The Digital 724 approach leverages systems and methods that make the customer implementation, service and support easy and seamless in a business friendly manner. Braasch added “many providers simply sell, install and provide little or no contact afterwards, the Digital 724 product and service mix is different than most providers in the market.” Digital 724 provides local personnel and personalized support for all of their business customers. Digital724 employees are seasoned veterans in the network and data industries, and understand what organizations need to run their business.

Digital724 Networks, LLC has built its reputation one customer at a time, providing services and technologies, designed specifically for businesses, organizations and enterprise customers. For more information, contact Digital724 Networks, LLC at +1.512.593.2882, or visit us at


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