Digital 724 Networks Expands FlexNet 724™

Austin, Texas, January 31, 2019 – Digital724 Networks, LLC, announced today that it is expanding the services of FlexNet724™  with the addition of Metro E service in key markets. The point-to-multipoint Ethernet solution provides secure shared data and network services between all offices in a metropolitan area. Digital 724 Networks broadband network solution means multiple offices can have a seamless LAN (local area network) able to connect and share large amounts of data at lower cost. Customers can better control what they spend with FlexNet™ 724 Metro E service. The ability to have a local contact for support is a big difference between Digital 724 Networks and other providers of bandwidth, phone and data services. Digital724 Networks is a regional carrier providing broadband network, high speed internet, fiber connectivity, metro, and regional Ethernet, cloud products, business class phone services, data center facilities in select markets in the US.

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